Amaxa – Caris representative


Amaxa has been the official partner of Caris Life Sciences (in the field of Caris Molecular Intelligence molecular profiling in Eastern Europe) since January 2014.

With the help of Amaxa, large numbers of patients have already undergone the Caris study.

Amaxa acts as a link between the patient, their attending doctor and the Caris laboratory, and takes care of everything associated with the bio-sample. This includes preparing all necessary documents, controlling delivery, providing the MI report and coordinating everything arising from the attending physician in the interpretation of the obtained results.
Cancer treatment is urgent. Therefore, our main goal is to provide the physician and patient with the information on effective treatments as soon as possible.


Amaxa is a pharmaceutical company specializing in products used in oncology, hematology, neonatology and a broad range of OTC drugs.Its head office is in London, United Kingdom, and its operational office, in charge of work in Eastern Europe, is in Kiev, Ukraine.

The Amaxa team consists of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of drug development and the pharmaceutical industry. The team maintains close ties with leading professionals throughout the entire research and development process.

Amaxa’s mission is to provide access to better medicines and services that enable people to live longer and lead a more healthy and active lifestyle.

Amaxa recognizes its huge social responsibility in presenting vital and essential medicines and services in Eastern Europe.


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Caris Molecular Intelligence

The molecular tumor analysis – it is an opportunity to choose the most effective course of chemotherapy individually for each patient…