Caris Life Sciences

Caris Life Sciences is a leading company in the field of biological sciences, working on the implementation of the precision medicine concept.

Its head office is in Irving, Texas, United States, and its European representative office is in Basel, Switzerland.
The company started in the USA in 2008 and since 2012 has been actively cooperating with the EU and other countries.

Caris Life Sciences combines the strictness of academic medical institutions with the innovative spirit of the technological company.

It was founded on the idea that personalized and accurate information can contribute significantly to the approaches of medical services provision. Having access to this information, physicians can more accurately diagnose patients’ diseases and recommend the most targeted and effective treatment.

Caris Molecular Intelligence™ is a unique test which, due to molecular tumor analysis, enables a progressive, personalized approach to cancer treatment.

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Innovative Laboratory

Laboratory in Phoenix (USA) is equipped with the latest equipment for clinical trials…