Tumor Analysis Benefits



Caris Molecular Intelligence allows physicians to choose individual chemotherapy based on the structural features of a patient’s actual tumor.

The tumor biomarkers test allows oncologists to choose the potentially most effective cancer treatment regimen based on an analysis of tumor sensitivity to various drugs. The use of this program is considerably relevant in the treatment of rare, aggressive and metastatic cancers.

Caris Molecular Intelligence allows oncologists to exclude potentially ineffective chemotherapy drugs in advance. This preserves valuable time and is highly important to the patient’s health.

In some cases, clinical molecular testing enables the physician to determine a chemotherapy regimen that had not been considered previously.

The molecular analysis of the tumor provides a significant advantage in cancer treatment – a comprehensive report for a personalized cancer treatment. Before even starting chemotherapy, the physician has data on how the tumor, based on its individual molecular structure, will respond to various drugs.


Organization of the testing process

The process of molecular testing is divided into several stages